Le preposizioni di tempo in inglese

Capita spesso ai nostri studenti di non sapere quale preposizione usare al momento di affrontare un esercizio sulle preposizioni o semplicemente quando devono parlare. Sì, anche perché non sempre c’è corrispondenza tra la preposizione che utilizzi nella tua lingua e quella che occorre usare in inglese.  In questo articolo ci concentriamo sulle preposizioni di tempo in inglese. Come non ci stanchiamo mai di ripetere, ripeti le frasi molte volte finché il nuovo argomento ti sia familiare. Prova anche a descrivere la tua giornata tipo e vedrai quante preposizioni di tempo userai.

Iniziamo con la preposizione ON e vediamo subito come usarla in contesto con degli esempi concreti. Osserva il seguente dialogo e successive frasi.

When is your birthday? It’s on the 1st of April. What about yours? It’s on the 12th of July. When do you have your English class? On Mondays. On Christmas day l like to stay with my family. On a nice day l enjoy going for a walk.

Trucchetto: usa sempre on quando nella frase c’è la parola “ day” (on my birthday, on Chirstmas day)


You should receive the goods within one week from now. If you don’t hear from me within a few minutes, you can leave.

Queste due sono facili … fromto

Our office is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I walked from China to Italy!

Passiamo alla preposizione “ AT” osservando le seguenti frasi:

I get up at 7:00. At the weekend l usually read. At Christmas l stay at home. Last Friday I went to bed at 2:00 o’clock at night. I’ll see you at lunch time. I sometimes get up before dawn, when it is still dark.

For/since richiedono qualche spiegazione.

I’ve known Pinuccia for two years. I’ve known her since last Christmas.

Usi for per la durata di uno stato di cose o un’azione che iniziano nel passato e continuano nel presente e usi since se indichi quando lo stato o l’azione sono iniziati. Ecco degli esempi col present perfect continuous: l’ve been teaching for 25 years. I’ve been playing the flute since 1999.

Altra preposizione facile. During

During my holidays l like to go to the mountains. I fell asleep during the concert. I got hungry during the journey to Rome.


I finish work at 6:00 but l don’t get home until 7:00. Puoi usare till al posto di until: our restaurant is open till late. You cannot go out until you have finished your homework.

Procediamo con IN

My birthday is in April. I was born in 1968. America was discovered in 1492. In Winter it can be very cold in this region. In the 18th century life was harder than now. The film starts in a few minutes. I usually play the violin in the evening and in the afternoon l sleep, when l can. Hi, Pinuccia, It’s nice to see you! You are just in time for coffee, l was making some for myself.

Vediamo ora l’uso di by

I have to finish this article by the end of the week. You have to be there by 7:00, they close shortly after. Come at 8:00, l should be finished by then. By this time tomorrow, l’ll have finished my report.


Qui ci troviamo di fronte a due facili preposizioni : prima e dopo.

March is before April. We don’t serve lunch after 2:00 o’clock. I’ll see you after work. Can you come to see me before you go? The day after tomorrow is Pinuccia’s birthday.

Ora ti lascio un esercizio in cui devi mettere la preposizione corretta. Troverai le soluzioni n fondo.

I usually go to bed … 11 o’clock. My birthday is … January. Maria was born … 1979. Don’t forget to turn off the light … you leave. I’ll have a cake now, … l’ll do my homework. … the end of the year, l’ll have been working here … ten years. My dad works long hours and never gets home … late. I always read … my journey to work by train. It takes me one hour to go … my house … my office. Christmas is … the 25th December. I’ve had my driving license … l was 18. What time do you get up … the morning? Last year, … Christmas day, l went to China and l came back … New Years Eve. When is your next lesson? It’s … the 20th of this month. I don’t always sleep well … night. How long is it … your last time you saw Pinuccia? Let me think: it was … Winter, … December, yes, l haven’t seen here … 3 months, … last December, but l’m seeing her Next week, … Tuesday, … 10: 0’clock. It was almost  3 o’clock clock … night. Yes, l think that the accident happened just … that time. I got up … 7 and l went to the bathroom, …  l had a big breakfast, l always eat a lot … Sundays … the morning. If we keep polluting at this rate, … a few decades, if not … , the world will be uninhabitable.

Ora ti lascio le soluzioni dell’esercizio esortandoti a rileggerlo più volte. Ciao e alla prossima, buon lavoro!


At, in, in, before, after, by, for, till/until, during, from, to, on, since, in, on, on, on, at, since, in, in, for, since, on, at, at, before, at, after, on, in, in, before,

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